Digital Design and Transformation to Increase Profitable Sales

The digital economy brings both tremendous opportunities and unprecedented  challenges for CEOs, CMOs and other business managers.

We help business managers and their organization to accurately assess these   new business models, create organizational buy-in and execute with success.

With extensive experience in OmniChannel Commerce, Digital Marketing   and Strategy Execution, we are strategically placed to help organizations deliver  better products, services and brand experiences to their customers through   leveraging the potential of digitization.

Cosmin Costea, Head of Consultancy

12 areas where you get support

  • Digital Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Assortment Management
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Operations & SCM
  • IT framework
  • Business processes
  • Team selection
  • Digital trends
  • Partners selection
  • Business case

From strategy and OmniChannel, to process, technology and culture, we cover them all

Strategy & Business Model

Define your digital strategy
Data-driven decision making
Strengthen your offline sales
Assortment strategy

Process & Operations

Process mapping and improvement
Operations & SCM
Partner selection(payments,delivery etc.)


Merchandising & Sales

Technology Enablement

Unify master data
Social media
Predictive analyticss

Change Management

Cultural shift
Agile teams
Digital tranformation ambassadors
Performance management

Financial Management

Feasibility analysis
Business case
KPIs tracking

What you will get

Audit report

so you can understand your status


coordination on eCommerce project phases


for main decisions: strategic vs. tactical

Omnichannel consultancy

to make your organization work successfully

Project planning

professional resources allocations

Review and improve

to increase the Profitable Sales