Why Us

10 Reasons to Work With Us

10 EXPERTISE: This is what we do

You will get e-Business expertise that is not available in your organization because we focus only on doing successful business in a digital world.
You will receive strategic advice and its implementation techniques focused on your customer needs because we are marketers and for us everything starts with the customer.
You will get practical advice and custom solutions because we have done this before and we know there is no exact match. We adapt the solution for your every particular need.

9 CHANGE MANAGEMENT to move things

You will use a catalyst for change because we can do hard stuff, because we don`t play power games. We do stuff you need to be done.
You will move things because we know how to ask the right questions, at the right time.
You will get the job done  because we can make the unpopular recommendations that are hard to be started in-house.


You will get support with the e-Business launch. You have the vision on which you build the company because we will help you implement it into the day-to-day operations.
You will use us to drive the project  because we give actionable advice and monitor the results for the top management.


You will bring a fresh set of eyes because we add  value based on the most common observations and insights.Facts can easily fall into daily routines without a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and improvement.
You will inspire new life to your organization because we are idea starters and innovative thinkers. We can help the company retool and reinvent itself taking advantage of all the current trends in the market.
You will avoid doing big mistakes because we may confirm your ideas so you can go ahead full throttle or we can contradict your initial opinion which can prevent you from wasting time and money.


You will secure focus in a unclear situations  because we focus less on emotions and more effectiveness.
You will get a view of  your business without the filter of  emotional attachments  because we identify opportunities or weaknesses that may have been obscured by your firm’s tradition, culture or habits.
You will receive a clear definition of your business needs because we will formulate it and translate them in technical requirements

5 BUY external knowledge and HIRE internal talent

You will save money because we are not employees  so you don`t have to pay employee taxes, computer, leasing, fuel insurance or pension.  In fact,  you save tax money because we are an deductible  investment  in  your company future success.  And we have no paid holidays and no right to make unions and stop work and go on strike.
You will have somebody to count on  because we are there for you when you need us. Just  contact us and  we will be there as fast as possible.
You will get our expertise on a no-strings-attached model because we leave you the opportunity to stop the contract at any time.


You will motivate your team because  we facilitate the  search  for  ideas and solutions  with existing  team  members.
You will secure a better staff  because we will help them gain the necessary  knowledge, skills, and mind-sets.
You  will  engage your employees  because  we present  and teach them how to implement new business procedures.


You will get a trusted partner  because we do what we say and we say we do.
You will not be alone because we are on your side with integrity.
You will know  you can  trust us  because whatever you share stays with us.


You will get a  special team because we focus on  priorities but  we also will   find the little things that make the big differences.
You  will work with  a motivated  team  because we know every  customer is special and we enjoy the challenge.
You just need to “do things right” because we will tell you to “do the right things”.


You will have our guarantee because we will use all our knowledge and resources to give you the best advice you for of your current situation.
All you need is the strength to implement them by the book and you will  succeed,